Common Causes Of Bond Wire Failure

Common Causes Of Bond Wire Failure

4 February 2018
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Bond wire is used in many applications, including those in the technology industry. If you are someone who is involved in the industry, you might know that bond wire can sometimes fail and cause serious issues with technological equipment. What you could be wondering is what causes this type of failure. There are actually various things that can cause bond wire to failure, so consider these common causes. Then, you will know what to look out for to prevent failure that could impact your equipment or the products that you manufacture and sell to the public.

Failure to Test or Improper Testing

First of all, some companies skip the testing process. They might have used bond wire plenty of times in the past without any issues, for example, and might assume that the risk of failure is low and that there is really no reason to perform testing on bond wire on a regular basis. However, using shear testing and other testing methods and making sure that you use them properly can help you catch problems with your bond wire before any major issues arise, so it's definitely worthwhile to invest a little time and money into ample and accurate bond wire testing.

Presence of Contaminants

In some cases, bond wire that passes tests and seems to be in good condition can eventually fail. This can happen for various reasons, such as contaminants like rust. Therefore, making sure that bond wire is not exposed to any contaminants is very important.

Improper Mixture of Metals

Bond wire is often made from a mixture of metals. This is not usually a problem, but some metals do not mix well together for various reasons. Therefore, it's important to pay attention to the types of metals that have been used to make the bond wire that you will be purchasing and using.

Improper Use

Different types and sizes of bond wire are designed for different uses. Because of this, it is very careful to pay attention to the specifications for the bond wire that you are using and to ensure that you abide by these specifications. Even a small difference in the type of bond wire that should be used can cause major problems if you aren't careful.

As you can see, bond wire can fail for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, regardless of the reason why the bond wire failed, this failure can cause serious problems with technological equipment and other types of equipment. Therefore, ensuring that you always use the right type of bond wire and that your bond wire is carefully tested before use is very important if you want to cause equipment failure, equipment damage and other potential problems.Contact a company, like xyztec bv, for more help.

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